Conscious of the increasing costs of heating and its environmental impact, the creators of Coaroon, Joan Johnston and Sarah Morehead, were inspired to produce a skillfully made garment that helps people stay warm at home. Coaroon has been designed to be stylish for all ages and genders, and is designed to support ease of movement, reduce drafts, and allow the feet to be drawn inside when seated.

Answering a brief set by the Design Age Institute to help people to live longer at home, user testing throughout development has helped to shape Coaroon’s unique aesthetic and fabrication. You can visit the exhibition at The Design Museum in London here from 24 February – 26 March 2023.

Coaroon, which takes its name from Cocoon Coat and the Scottish word 'coorie' meaning cuddle, is a garment for the home that supports an individual’s freedom of movement, while sustaining an even body temperature across a range of everyday activities, from reading, to yoga to cooking.


Research has shown that as we age, our bodies thermoregulation is impacted causing us to feel the cold more. Medical conditions and medicines can also have adverse impact on the body temperature regulation.

Using extensive research, design engineering and fabric innovation, this natural insulating garment was designed for men and women, to wear at home in relaxing activities. Through numerous focus groups and depths, the garment has been trialed and tweaked to cover a range of needs and for a range of age groups.


Our triple layered coats are hand crafted using the best of regenerative fibres and fabrics.

We offer a choice of two types of filling
1. Our premium cocoon coat is filled with British wool and expertly quilted in the North of England.
2. Our luxury coat with exquisite surface designs selected from Scottish textile artist Mhairi Helena encases our unique fibres of cashmere guard hair and wool. This is a limited edition piece and we look forward to working with other artists.

The natural insulating fabric uses our very own patented cashmere guard hair and wool filling, which is temperature regulating, sustainable, and UK made.

Cashmere guard hair is considered a by-product of the cashmere industry with our fibre being regenerative. Our fibre comes from cashmere goats or sheep who naturally shed their fleece in Spring time. Most of these animals live around 14 years regenerating their fleece as they prepare for the colder months.


Founders Joan Johnston and Sarah Morehead

With over 20 years experience in working with international luxury brands such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Dunhill, Joan Johnston’s wealth of knowledge and expertise shines through her entire career, from creative design and board director to entrepreneur and university programme leader. She has a huge passion for sustainability, innovation and natural luxury fibres.

Joan founded Ava Innes in September 2019 and has proven the Cocoon Coat concept through the patented duvet filling. “93% of our duvets customers (Nov. 21) are sleeping better citing the temperature regulating and comforting qualities of the Ava Innes duvet.”

Living in the North of Scotland and the North East of England, the founders are inspired by nature and have sustainability and quality at the heart of their creations. With over 60 years of experience between them, making luxurious products for well-known international brands, the Coaroon garments are designed to last, give comfort and keep individuals warm.


Innovative sustainable filling that is both Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic aids temperature regulation using a blend of cashmere guard hair and British wool.

The quilted cotton tight weave outer layer provides comfort and warmth without overheating.
Our garments are designed to be easy to put on and take off as needed, all while being luxuriously comfortable.


Joan Johnston | Founder of Coaroon and Ava Innes





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