Staying warm at home naturally

Staying warm at home naturally

The cost of living crisis has seen a spike in people struggling to stay warm in their homes due to the huge increase in energy bills. Household energy bills went up by 54% in April 2022 and a further 27% in October*. In February 2022, answering a brief by the Design Age Institute, supporting healthy ageing Joan Johnston of Ava Innes and Sarah Morehead of Self Made Studios, created the Cocoon Coat under the new brand name of Coaroon, helping people stay warm at home naturally.

Based on extensive research and feedback from focus groups, the development of the Cocoon Coat went through many design iterations to achieve ease of movement around the home, while keeping the body warm.

We learned that those living in their house through the day, often heat one room only to help keep costs down. However, when moving from room to room, they would feel the cold more acutely. Taking this into account, we wanted to create a garment that would help to retain body warmth when moving around the home. Our triple layer coats feature a cotton outer and inner with wool or cashmere guard hair as the filling. At Ava Innes we recognise the temperature regulating quality of the natural fibres of cashmere guard hair and wool, which makes it ideal for a body warming day coat.

Our coat is fully biodegradable and better for the environment. Cashmere guard hair and wool are regenerated fibres, meaning the goat and sheep re grow their fleece every year, as they approach the winter months, usually living on average 14 years.

This is important to us, as most quilted clothing comes from feathers or poly based synthetic fillers. Birds die to provide the feather-based products, while poly filled, originates from oil which is not good for the planet.

Our triple layered garment retains heat around the body when buttoned up, helping to keep your body warm and preserve the heat as you move.

The long A line shape of the Cocoon Coat includes carefully considered details including our high neck collar to keep draught’s out, deep curved pockets to keep your hands warm while relaxing and button up front to avoid tripping.

Cocoon yourself in natural warmth with the Coaroon Cocoon Coat.

Discover our Cocoon Coat collection here and stay warm at home naturally.



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